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No Distractions (One-on-One training and small

group training)


No more crowded gyms (Can you imagine having the whole

gym to yourself with maybe one or two others working out

at the same time)

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No more time wasted (You can do much more in a smaller

amount of time)

checkpoint   More privacy (Avoid the masses)
checkpoint   Create your own atmosphere (Bring your own music)
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Here are 9 reasons why IN-SHAPE


Personal Training Studio is right for you:



    Ours Certified personal trainers will provide you structure and accountability to help you develop a lifestyle that encourages health.
checkpoint   Individualized program
    We will work with you to plan a safe, efficient program that considers your needs and enable you to reach your health and fitness goals.
checpoint   Efficiency
    We will design a plan to get maximum results in minimum time (stop wasting your time doing inefficient workouts)
checkpoint   Improve technical skills
    If you play a particular sport, we will help you improve your skill by showing you new training techniques specific to your sport, improving not only your strength and endurance, but your agility and mental focus as well.
checkpoint   You are new to exercise
    If you are an absolute beginner, we will introduce you to a very simple, effective routine and build efficiently so before you know it, you have the confidence and knowledge to decide what is right for you.
checkpoint   Break through plateaus
    If you are stuck in the same routine and want to break out of a rut, we are the perfect solution.
checkpoint   Learn how to go it alone
    If you ultimately want to learn all the facets of designing your own routines, we will teach you the basics of building and modifying a fitness program to achieve maximum results.
checkpoint   Workout Safely
    We will watch your form, monitors your vitals and provide objective feedback about your limits and strengths.
checkpoint   Lose Weight
    There is a good reason that the number one reason people hire us is to lose weight and get into shape -- we work. If you made a resolution to lose the fat and build the muscle, we can keep you on track and help you realize that goal.





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Committed with your fitness results,

JC Mendoza

Doral’s Fitness Expert


P.S.: Don’t let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Do something about it by ACT NOW!


P.P.S.: An interesting point: 30 days from now you’ll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier,

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