Personal Training Sessions & Fitness Workout Program Packages

Show your loved ones that you really care with a gift that cannot be forgotten!

If you want to give a boost to the energy levels of a friend, relative or your significant other, improve their quality of life or even introduce them to the wonderful world of well being through beneficial exercise, give them an IN-SHAPE Gift Certificate!

Pick one of the Fitness & Workout Program Packages provided by IN-SHAPE Personal Trainers and your loved ones will soon notice that the way to fitness and health does not go throughout treadmills and dumbbells but through exciting and fun personal training sessions by specialized inspiring professionals.


Getting Started Package

3 Personal Training Sessions - $195

This package of personal training sessions are ideal for anyone who wants to try personal training, whether a beginner or a veteran in fitness. Depending on their preferences, goals and fitness level they may either go through a tough workout session that will make them sweat or simply be taught a range of exercises that they will be able to perform at home anytime.

Step-it-Up Package

5 Personal Training Sessions - $295

This package of 5 personal training sessions is perfect for anyone who wants to be sure that personal training suits him or her and they can regularly exercise with a personal trainer. Techniques, types of exercise, training pace and equipment mix and match to form a unique personalized work out that is fun and stimulating each and every time they train. Anything that suits their needs can be combined to make their workout sessions a wonderful experience.

Stay-on-Track Package

10 Personal Training Sessions - $550

This package is the best option for those who have set goals that they want to achieve and want exercise to be part of their life. The more workout sessions they do throughout the week, the better the results. Soon they will see for themselves that with regular personal training sessions -at least twice or three times a week- their muscles will tone up and they will increase their energy levels in just a couple of weeks. Plus, they will easily improve their technique and learn more from their personal trainer.

Personal training gift certificates are a great gift for the people you love and for you as well! Buy your gift today