In-Shape PT is about helping you reach your ideal health and fitness goals.  We pride ourselves on having professional and experienced personal trainers who are committed and genuinely concerned with clients and the achievements of their objectives.  
Each individual is different – we have different health conditions and objectives, our exercise programs are customized based on individual’s fitness goals, health history and current health condition.  With our trainers, armed with professional experience and earned national certifications, we are confident that our personal trainers can motivate you to reach your objectives by providing expert advice and guidance.  Many of our fitness programs are unique and exclusive design and are consistently reviewed to maintain the highest possible standards.
In order to monitor your progress, a comprehensive body composition assessment will be performed – these include the following:
Body fat test - to determine your lean body mass and to know how much body fat you have and how much you need to lose
Circumference measurements – to determine your total inches
At In-Shape PT, we believe in client education and long term client health and success, we are not into quick fix fad diets and programs that could be hazardous to our clients. We offer private and private fitness and weight loss coaching that apply the principles of accelerated fitness in effective 45 minute sessions.
With our committed trainers, we formulate a customized fitness program just for you to achieve a healthy body weight and maintain it. 
Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting or recently had a baby an amazing fitness and health can be achieved. 
In-Shape PT trainers are going to work with mothers and mothers-to-be and prepare a personalized Pre & Post Partum Fitness Training.  Our personalized fitness training and services will help you meet all your needs during and after pregnancy.
It is our goal to prepare our clients to enjoy the journey of their pregnancy and be in their best physical condition in preparation for labor and the post partum year.
Are you trying to get In-Shape?  Or are you trying to look fresh for your wedding?  If you would like to be your absolute best on your wedding day, then your health and fitness should be at the top of your list.
With our fitness programs, we can help you be in your best condition that you can be for that special day.
And because we know that you have a deadline – we have time efficient solutions to help you overcome time limitations, help you get fit, lose weight, look better and have more energy for the grand day.
Whether your goal is, to improve your performance in any particular sport or simply to increase creativity and productivity at work, getting a strong core muscles play an important role in your success.
Furthermore, back pain can be caused by tension, stress, a pulled muscle, and poor posture. If you consistently assume an unbalanced sitting or standing position, your risk for back pain is even higher. Besides good posture habits, your risk of back pain is higher if you have a weak core muscles.
In-Shape PT qualified trainers will educate you in the core exercises so you can attain maximum results.  Some of our core strength training benefits include: 
Increased energy
Improved body posture and movements
Lower back pain prevention
Lean and strong abdominal muscles
Reduction in the risk of injury
Improved strength and body endurance
We offer Sport Specific Conditioning program for beginners, aspiring athletes and professional athletes of the following sports: 
      And more…
Whether you want to improve your strength, speed or agility - the programs that are offered reflect an outline of methods and techniques that In-Shape PT uses.
Our programs are the culmination of over 25 years of athletic and coaching experience.  So, matter what your goal is, our qualified trainers will work closely with you to achieve maximum results.